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Lisa and Robin were exactly the real estate agents I was hoping for and more. I asked them to help me list my house for sale and from the start of the project through the end they walked me through every single step and clearly told me why they were doing certain things and why they weren’t. I knew them from a family friend who said that they were hard-working experts in their field and I definitely agree after having worked with them. Many of their suggestions definitely worked out in my favor, and I’m glad that I listened to them and heeded their advice. Their pricing strategy was excellent! We started with a fairly high listing price, but we were still able to navigate a number of offers and counter offers from multiple buyers. They were definitely great negotiators when it came to managing the counter offers, and I think I definitely got the best result I could get, with their help. I would work with them ten more times if I could. I have absolute faith in them to give me the best result in any given real estate transaction in Southern California. -- Quoc


Lisa was our agent when we rented out our home after we moved out of the area. She and Robin then acted as our agents in the sale of our home. Through it all: screening and dealing with renters, doing walk throughs, staging our home for sale, navigating the uncharted waters of selling our home during the COVID-19 pandemic, etc., Lisa and Robin were unfailingly professional and responsive. The attention they gave to our property (especially with us living out of the area) was special. We highly recommended Lisa and Robin for your real estate needs! -- Evelyn


Robin and Lisa go above and beyond any realtors I've done business with. They are honest and make every effort in marketing your home. Their extensive knowledge of the communities of the Conejo Valley is remarkable . The best there is! -- Jana


As a first-time homebuyer, I needed a lot of hand-holding. At the beginning, Robin sat me down and went over the entire process, what I could expect, when things would likely happen, etc. She even drew me a map that started with "getting prequalified" and ended with "moving in." I looked at that map every day to chart my progress and make sure I was on track. I was impressed with her professional knowledge and attention to detail. If I missed a document that needed signing in my inbox, she would nicely nudge me to make sure I didn't overlook it. Robin is all about getting the deal done without unnecessary delays. When I found the home I wanted, Robin came up with a smart strategy to make sure my offer would stick. It paid off. Within 12 hours, I had my answer. The day she came to hand me the keys, I'm not sure who was smiling more. "This is why I do what I do!" she said, handing me a lovely orchid plant. And she does it so well. Thanks Robin! -- Mary