Robin & Lisa
Beverly & Company

A Little Bit About Us!

Between the two of them, Robin Hagey and Lisa Scott have more than 30 years of experience in the real estate business, helping dozens of families buy and sell their homes in and around southern California. After years of discussion about their shared values and approaches to working with their clients, the two teamed up in June 2018. It has been a successful partnership ever since!

Here's a little background about them:

Lisa Scott

Lisa is a native of southern California who has lived in Santa Monica, Westchester, Texas (for college), West LA, and Oxnard and she has been a resident of Westlake Village since 1997. Her knowledge of the neighborhoods and streets all around southern California is unmatched. After studying to be a dietitian and then changing her mind about that career, Lisa worked as a medical sales representative for 20 years, an experience that helped her relate to people at all levels. She has been married for 27 years to her husband, Steve, and they have three grown children: Tyler and twins Dylan and Emma. Lisa is active in her church and, until recently, traveled to Mexico twice a year to help those in need. A lifelong “foodie,” she also taught cooking at the Conejo Valley Adult School for more than 16 years. She has served on the Family Council as well as the Climate Change Foundation with the Laird Norton Family Foundation. She loves golf, travel and wine tasting, especially in Santa Barbara County. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn:

Robin Hagey

Robin is a native New Yorker who has lived all over the world, from Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Rochester, NY, to Jerusalem and Paris. She began her career as a journalist and finds the same skills she used as a reporter have translated well when working with her real estate clients -- she listens carefully (and actually hears) what they have to say and she is able to bring all parties together to make sure there is a clear understanding of the transaction on all sides. She moved to Thousand Oaks in 1994 with her husband of 37 years, Steve, and their two children. Robin was an active parent volunteer in the Conejo Valley School District, serving as PTSA president at Westlake High School and Park Oaks Elementary School, which has since closed. After her children graduated, she began volunteering with the Moorpark Women's Fortnightly Club (yes, that's the name!) and has served in a wide range of positions, including most recently (and during Covid!) as the club’s president. Robin is a graduate of Barnard College, and holds graduate degrees from Columbia University's School of Public and International Affairs and from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism. When she’s not working, Robin plays lots of tennis and mahjong and she belongs to two book clubs. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn: